The Centre for Human Rights through the Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) publishes the African Disability Rights Yearbook (Yearbook). The Yearbook is a peer-reviewed journal that is published once a year. The Yearbook was launched in 2013 as the first peer-reviewed journal of its kind that focuses exclusively on disability as human rights on the African continent.

The Yearbook seeks to contribute towards promoting the respect, protection and fulfilment of disability rights in the African region through providing an annual forum for critically examining issues that pertain to disability rights of the region.

The Yearbook is set out in three sections. Section A contains academic articles: Section B consists of country-based research, charting recent developments on disability rights legislation, case law and policy developments in selected African states; and Section C deals with relevant developments in the African Union (AU) and African sub-regional organisations.

The Yearbook is an open-access online journal, published by the Centre through its publishing house (Pretoria University Law Press) and it is disseminated across the continent with the aim of responding to the growing need to share, develop and advance African scholarship on the discourse.